Rescue Journal

you know what pisses me off about rescue???

Carol  ·  May 19, 2015

the animals.

they always get the best deals around here.

so I noticed on the weekend that tang has moved into the back cat rooms and morgan is greatly upset. she spent the weekend laying on top of a dog food bag on the very top shelf of the laundry room.

and why is that?

cuz those little kitchen freak dogs are scaring the crap out of her.


I asked the staff today to do a big switch around. with ancient and frail jerry and tina gone now, I don't mind so much screwing around with the bed buddies. I asked the staff to move most of the bedroom non cat chasing dogs to the kitchen and the cat crazy freakoids to the bed room so morgan could have some peace again.

well...the cat crazy bad dogs are loving the bedroom...whoppee, we get to hang out on carol's bed. and most of the previous sweet bed buddies are happy enough in the kitchen because they are closer to the fridge. this excludes ewok and pete who both have been pitching a fit not to be with me in the bedroom. ewok has already broken me down and is back with me in my room and pete might yet get his way too.

we bend over backwards to make it all right for every single creature here.


I just don't see a lot of bending over backwards by the animals to make everything perfect for me!!!

it's a gawd damn one way rescue street.