Rescue Journal

it started out to be kind of a crappy day...

Carol  ·  May 23, 2015

only one person in the house (thx vanessa!) but we got thru it like we always do.

the end of the day was much better.

after everyone was settled for bed, I went down to the grocery store and bought annie more spring greens, some snap peas, fresh beans, sunflower seeds, blackberries, blueberries,rasberries and made her a nice fresh salad. she dug in as soon as I gave it to her, picking thru for the stuff she liked best. I will check later and see if she ate most of it.

on the way home I was fussing about Crosby...she is so lonely. I made a promise that I would find her a chicken friend this weekend. as I neared home, on an impulse I pulled into my neighbors who sells eggs and honey. I offered to buy one of his hens for $50...he asked why I wanted one and I told him Crosby was lonely. he gave me one of his year and a half old birds and wouldn't take any money for her. such a nice man. and Crosby now has a young friend who should happily live with her for a very long while!! I have named her Miranda..she is a very lovely little girl.

annie is ok for tonight at least and Crosby will no longer be lonely.

all is right in our little odd world tonight and that makes me happy.



What a kind person you have living near you Carol to give you a friend (Miranda) for Crosby .. I know how very much she has loved her chicken friends in the past. Good News have a great day Marta

Barb Hodges

What a lovely neighbour. Glad to hear Crosby won't be lonely.

Carol A.

what a grand name for a little hen, and what a great neighbour! so good to hear about Annie, iher salad sounds delish! you are a good mom, Carol. i hope the rest of the weekend goes well.


I seriously hope Miranda is actually a hen! Think she'll be the 4th friend we've gotten for Crosby ;)