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recruiting new volunteers

Carol  ·  May 23, 2015

they say it takes a village to raise a child...well it certainly takes an army to provide sanctuary care for 130 homeless senior and special needs animals on a weekend.

we have been running short for weeks now..and this is stressing me out.

so I have decided to take a proactive approach and instead of waiting for new volunteers to find us..I am going to put it out there...we need help.

we are looking for committed, caring, hard working people who want to be part of something special in the animal world.

here you will be a caregiver, a friend, a family member..someone the animals can touch and feel and above all..count on.

we specifically need help in all of the animal areas helping to feed, to clean, to brush, to hug. we need help in maintenance, in extra work parties for things like fence painting, shop cleaning, window washing..just keeping the place up so it stays in tidy and good repair for the animals and stays a pleasing and safe home for them all.

this is the kind of place that surrounds you and sucks you in as you become part of the saints hearts.

this is not a place of discord or politics or is a place where each and everyone of us gives the best inside of us..for them..for 17 year old ewok and 19 year old tigger, for 33 year old raven and ancient Crosby the turkey.

this is a place where gentleness, goodness, and simple acts of kindness define the world our senior and special needs homeless animals live in.

we need people who care...we need people who will be here..rolling up their sleeves to work, to hug, to share.

are you that person?

if so..then we need you to come and help us here.

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Oh...if only I lived in B.C. I would love to be a SAINTS Volunteer!!!

Anne Seward

Just wondering if and how we can share this on our FB sites to recruit.


I am always happy to help when you need it. Oh btw, my client that had the laptops to give away to registered charities, has selected Saints for one of them, they also want to feature Saints on their website. I will find out more about the feature, and I can drop the laptop off at Saints when I receive it., hopefully next week.


hey Carol - besides Saturday barn/mp building bedtime, what other days/times are volunteers needed the most?