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picking a "pet"...

Carol  ·  May 29, 2015

is a big mistake because companion animals are not pets...they are partners. they will share your heart, home, your life..or at least they are supposed to.

humans need to give their researching heads a shake in their searches for the perfect pet.

we don't pick our human life partners based on size, color, age, race or creed and maybe we shouldn't be picking our life long animal partners on size, sex, hair color, age or breed. maybe we should be picking them because their unique personality blends well with our unique personality and it makes us a great team.

I have so many discussions with folks who want a puppy or a poodle or a goldie..they have the perfect dog in their heads and it is picture perfect.

hmmm...well pictures are flat little squares of shiny colored paper....animals are way more than that.

my advice to folks is if you really and truly want to meet the dog of your dreams, go to the shelters, open your mind and hearts and meet someone real. you may go home with a middle aged, fat, homely mixed breed dog with two different colored eyes who is totally unlike your perfect picture and he or she may just be the exact right match to steal your heart forever.



Love this post. People often asked me what it was about Mac that made me want to adopt him. I couldn't give any reason except to say that he stole my heart and was meant to come home with me - it wasn't the way he looked, (everyone knows I'm a cocker lover), or the way he acted. I just knew he was going to be part of my family and couldn't explain why - and what a gift that little deaf, mostly blind, leaky boy was...I miss him a lot.


Norm picked blind and deaf dog decided I was his human. I have never looked back, only loved and cherished everything about the life we found together


Some people do pick their human partners based on size, colour, age, race, etc.


So true! I'd never been much of a chihuahua fan and never thought I'd own one. My little rescue dog Peaches (chihuahua cross) came to me in a totally unexpected way, and I totally love her. We're perfect for each other..


Very good point! Years ago I went searching for my new dog for 9 months. I met every available dog within a 20 mile radius. Then I was out walking and saw her. She was tied up at a garage sale and was for free. I went home with an 11 year old, dirty, hairy, deaf mutt with tumours. I adored her for 2 years before cancer got her. She was the perfect dog for me.