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new dog in..

Carol  ·  May 30, 2015

teeko is a PB golden retriever, only a year old. he came from the family of one of my co-workers. they got him as a pup and he bit his first person at 12 weeks old. in reviewing his history, this family really have done pretty much everything they were supposed to...he has been very well trained, very well socialized..he just has real issues surrounding things he thinks are, toys, its not like he is a crazy unpredictable running up to folks biter..he bites when he wants folks to leave his stuff or him alone.

at a year old...he is still just a babe and thinks he occupies a pretty high up in the hierarchy space.

I REALLY think tho that families with young kids should not get puppies..i think an adult well settled and well grown dog is best for young families...what you see is what you get.

in any case..I can't fault the family...they did all of the right things with him. and at this point I won't fault teeko yet either... he may just need some running free, being a dog with our other guys to figure his place out in the world. or maybe he will need more...I guess we will see.

anyway...saints welcome teeko, our new big attitude half grown baby.



no offence taken linda...I often decide to describe behavior/medical issues instead of labeling them on the blog because descriptions are more detailed and accurate than labels and easier for everyone who reads the blog to envision. when I hear resource guarding the first image that enters my head is a dog in a corner snarling like some hellish hound over a pile of stuff. too funny because in real life with resource guarders that's not what I actually see! I pretty much see the typical single snap and/or bite so I have no idea why that image is so entrenched in me. weird how our (or maybe just my) heads work.

Linda Ciccozzi

Carol.....didn't mean to infure that people at the rescue wouldn't know about resource guarding. By reading the above description, I felt I shld comment only because there was no mention of it. Working at a rescue would give you lots of experience in this area and many others.
Have a great day!


But he sure had fun with the dogs even though Mystic was getting a bit pissed off with him, she put him in his place.


not to worry linda, he is not for adoption at this point and we are aware it is resource guarding, been here done that before.

Linda Ciccozzi

The new dog, Leeko is definitely RESOURCE GUARDING!
He will continue with this aggressive behaviour, and could get worse, until the issue is addressed. He is guarding all his stuff including his space, his bed, his toys, his food, eating area his family. The list can get quite long.
My suggestion is to not rehome him until this issue is corrected as it will just continue wherever he goes.
This will entail careful retraining!
Pls contact me if you want further info!

Linda Ciccozzi. CPDT

PS. My volunteer application has been emailed to the rescue. Hopefully you will enjoy what I have written.