Rescue Journal! deep thought for today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2015

a rescuer is a commodity and sometimes we don't understand this but it is true. and because we are a commodity there is a perceived value placed on how we go about the daily business of rescue.

a rescuer most times is not just a single person..many times a rescuer is the forefront of their rescue. so that puts someone like me out in the front lines of public view representing the whole of the work by saints rescue.

its a tough place for a person to be.

obviously it means I can't be a drunk, or smoking pot in the back fields, I can't lie, steal or cheat. I can't be an animal neglecter or abuser and everything about me personally is open to public scrutiny.

and so it all should be.

the person standing at the front line needs to be accountable and fully transparent to protect animals lives.

and this up front and center stage placement can make us either an asset or a liability to the animals in our care.

there is a fine line tho between being the best person we can be and being a fictional super hero.

I have spent a great portion of my life on two things...helping vulnerable animals and maintaining my own true identity.

i fully understand that my actual commodity value to rescue goes up or down depending on how i behave, how i act, what i say. and all in all i have been a fairly good and consistent long term investment for saints.

i think it is important for up and coming rescuers to know this...we are a means to an end. we are a tool to build with...broken or rusty tools are not helpful. we are only important in terms of what we can and do bring to the table of our homeless animal friends.

we need to ensure that what we bring is actually what they need...not a bunch of messed up personal crap just an unbroken and useful gift that is worth giving and receiving.

and that my deep thought for the day.