Rescue Journal

I found this on Crosby several weeks after she came here..i guess that makes her 8 or 9 now...never thought she would even live thru her first year here. an amazingly strong and sweet bird...but the fountain of her youth IS wearing out..i wonder if Pink

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2015

Posted: June 12, 2011 at 6:42 pm

i have been thinking a lot about crosby the last few days. she is changing. when she first arrived, she looked like a one hundred year old turkey. she was crippled, she moved with great pain, she was depressed and lethargic, and she was blind. i was somewhat surprized to hear she was only 4 or 5, that made her relatively young. since wild turkeys can live up to 20 years..she was theoretically only a quarter of the way thru her potential life span.

BUT…she also is a commercial meat 4 or 5 is probably ancient for them.

so every weekend night when i put her to i guide her back into her house, i mumbled “you poor old thing, come on honey you can do it, it sucks to be so old and wrecked.” and i count the days til one day i find her dead cuz she is almost there.

but last night i thought she looked perkier..she was brighter, she stood up taller, she walked with less hesitency and more confidence about her. her head was up and she was actively listening to me…she looked like not quite so wrecked of a turkey. and tonight she was even better..she was actually standing so straight and tall…she looked a little bit scary cuz i was remembering that big and strong turkeys used to scare me!

anyway…so i am thinking on this and trying to figure it out. i know NOTHING about turkeys..i am not a turkey guru or a turkey whisperer and quite frankly i haven’t bothered to look up too much about them on the internet either cuz i thought she wouldn’t be with us for very long.

all we have done with her was give her a very nice house with a nice and roomy and safe little yard. we feed her pretty good food and she always has plenty of fresh and clean water. we talk to her every day and i watch her carefully to see how she is feeling and to keep an eye out for any changes.

“heal thyself”..that is what these animals do. sometimes it takes a while but if they don’t get here too late and if they have a bit of time left, they generally do start to improve.

i am thinking that crosby has found the fountain of youth..hmmm..i wonder if she will share the secret with me so i can get rid of my aching knee!

but seriously..i think the secret is this…animals on the whole are positive thinkers and i guess this includes turkeys as well. if they are surrounded by positive energy (and very good care)..i think it actually re-charges their batteries so they can enjoy life a little bit more.