Rescue Journal

no mercy for mercy

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2015

mercy was the poor Manitoba commercial farm pig that managed to escape, cut and bruised into a field. she was returned to the Manitoba pork council and despite several offers to buy her at market value and pay for all transportation costs by several farm sanctuaries, on Monday she was shipped south for slaughter.

I am thinking the Manitoba pork council was sending the public a was not a very good message.

rest in peace mercy, the Manitoba pork council decreed....there is no mercy on earth for pigs...



lynne arnason

what a disgrace people r i could use a few choice words but i wont. i see it everywhere. i just went up to my sons place by prince george for my grandsons graduation it was beautiful but they r hunters they had a pig roast thank god i did not see the pig when it got there. it was alive and was slaughtered that day it made me sick to my stomach, but they have no problem. they know how i feel i have to live with that or lose my son they see no problem with the whole thing i see a beautiful creature who has a life that suddenly did not have one alive one day unaware of its fate and the next day on someones plate. i was pissed off cause some one said we should put a grad cap on the pig they thought it was funny i was sickened by the whole thing. life is not fair. people obliterate everything around them. as i saw in facebook life is for every living thing not just human life maybe humans could actually learn something from this. i really dont hold much hope that humans can learn and be compassionate towards anything, themselves included.

Carol A.

oh no! i just can't believe with all the offers they still said no!

anja peterson

On its website, the Manitoba Pork Council insists the sale of this pig was outside of its scope, i.e., it was up to the original or intended caretaker. What are the most effective means to combat such heartless practice?

Wendy Scott

I just sent an email as well to the Manitoba pork council , makes me mad at their heartless decision


Fiona can you share the E-mail add you used ?....This breaks my heart.


So sad - and it makes me angry when there were alternatives to Mercy being slaughtered. She's one pig who could have been saved.