Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2015

not a drop of water anywhere...the barn tanks are empty, the house tank is empty..i don't know what happened. did we not get water delivered last week or did we go totally insane and used up more than 5000 gallons in less than a week?

i am freaking sick! i need a bath!!

gawd dammit to hell, i seriously hate this place some days.



Is Saints not on municipal water? There is a school next to Saints. Does that mean they have water tanks. Wow.

Carol A.

it has been really hot here too and extremely dry. no rain in weeks. so sorry you are still sick, Carol. Maybe grab some icecfrom the freezer, and cool down with that.. hopefully your water will be delivered tomorrow. Id send a hug but its too hot!


All tanks were filled monday afternoon, the smaller of the 2 barn tanks was full friday, not sure how we went through that much water