Rescue Journal

now I lay me down to sleep...please?

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2015

if I could just lay down to sleep at night, I am sure I would feel so much better...oh well..not yet. please god don't turn me into a person who has to sleep in a recliner chair cuz A. I don't have one and B. the dogs would wreck it.

Harley is in heat..this is a good thing I suppose because it means her body is finally healing itself and returning to normal. we think she is healthy enough to spay..the vet will check her over well at her next weekly appointment and if all is well we can book her spay. once that is done, she heals and if her blood sugars remain stable, I don't see why she can't go up for adoption to the right home. maybe that home will never come, but maybe it will. she may be a blind diabetic but she is more than that..she is a young, lovely, and fun, happy soul. someone might love her and want to give her a home.


we have some minor reno's starting today...we are removing that gawd awful sliding glass door in the big dog room, framing it in and replacing it with a regular door. no more wrestling matches with that giant heavy door when it is off of its tracks...somedays the battle was fruitless, I would just give up and go in and out thru the bedroom door. it will be a bit of a gong show for about a week..reno's and rescue always suck big time.

the heat is pretty brutal...good thing all of the air conditioners are in or the animals would be really suffering. luckily it looks like it will be cooling down in a few days which is good because the barn guys don't have air conditioning...they do have access tho to lots of water and shade.

well I guess I better get moving, but not yet very fast or far. I guess if it took a week to get here, it may take another week to get back to feeling ok.

hope floats for better breathing asap.


laura b

lol :-) good one Ali...luckily when on tour and it's been stuck I had some kids I could send thru to help move it....will be nice to have a regular door!


Lol..Ali why not cut thru the i do. Carol I will be out Thursday..put me to work doingwhatever. Glad you ate on the mend.


Yay! I hate that big door. Sadly I have had to crawl through the dog door a couple of times because I got stuck in the big dog room :)