Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2015

well the new dog room door is framed in and sheeted...just gyproc, outdoor siding, trim and painting actually looks quite good. I think when it is all done, it will look great.

in any case it ought to function better and be a whole lot less frustrating to open and close..i could use a little less frustration!

finally got caesars pathology back..both masses are a highly aggressive type of cancer..the vet said he won't have long. we are adjusting his pain meds to ensure good pain control. we are no longer too worried about med effect on his liver or kidneys (within reason, we don't want to overdose but we do want to be able to go to maximum doses) ..they shift way down the priority list when someone becomes actively palliative and death is getting close.

he is such a good boy!


so sorry we don't have better news.



Sad news, I just love this dog. He does show such joy at the barn, bouncing around greeting everyone. Such an amazing dog.

Carol A.

Ah Caesar, that is so horrible. Hard - hard news.
Keeping that beautiful boy in my prayers.

No pain heaven, Caesar, only sweet grass, cool breezes, and lots of snuggles and happy furreds to play with.

laura b

Damn......Caesar is a treasure....such a truly great dog!!! So glad he found his way to Saints, he so enjoys the farm and I love that he shares his joy with us.

lynne arnason

yes im also glad he will get to spend his last days at saints surrounded by people who love him he really is such a good boy.


he'll live and die with dignity and love. we are truly blessed to even know him. Thank you Carol.

Wendy Scott

Sad news but he is in good hands at Saints with the care he will get . Hope you are on the mend Carol.


This sucks !! He is such an animated goof ball when we come get him for barn duty...I swear he is going to fall flat on his face wirh all his sloopy exhuberance (sp?)..I am glad he is at SAINTS for this final portion of his life. Live it up Ceasar!