Rescue Journal

that was nice!

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2015

for the first time in almost a week, I was able to take the big dogs for an evening field run. they are filthy wet and dirty but they had a blast.

june-bug is still quite sore from last weekend, the meds are not helping. I guess it is time to get her into the vets and maybe do an xray.

sofie was really happy to see me...every evening I would stand at her door and lean my head against her neck. sometimes she will bring her head down to gently rest on my shoulder. I didn't realize until tonight how much we both missed that.

I feel kind of sorry for teeko..I am about to turn his world upside down again. he loves it here...he loves the freedom, the other dogs and he likes all of us! he has shown no sign of aggression, no sign of biting, no real guarding. he was a bit worried about the food bowls the first couple of days but other than looking worried and watching closely, he never did anything and now doesn't even do that. he plays well with the dogs, shares toys really well too.

sometimes dogs just need something more than training, more than consistency..sometimes what they really need is just to be set loose with no expectations, no agenda, nothing planned or needing them to do..not really caring too much about what they do or when they do it as long as they are happy. we are really good at that here.

teeko is truly flourishing here and that is time for him to leave. next week he is going out on a 3 month foster to adopt with one of our vet techs. the three months is just to make sure once the honeymoon period is over so permanently are his past emotional issues.

I fully recognise that I have had dogs like him in the past who just can't seem to make it out in the real world. if this proves true for teeko, then he comes back. but at only a year old, this babe deserves another outside world chance.

I never told you that teeko was born on my birthday..he is a may day baby like me. maybe that is why I like him so much.

anyway, I am sorry about upsetting his happy world with another change but I do hope it works out the best for him.

fingers are crossed for teeko that great happiness forever in his heart always reigns.