Rescue Journal

good job

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2015

the last of this weeks new admits are in and figuring it out. 5 new dog admits in 24 hours is a lot, esp. into a communal shelter...just before the open house. however I am pretty good at helping them figure this transition so we are doing ok. there are always hitches and stumbling stones..road blocks and challenges to work thru as each animal is unique and needs different things but because we have patience and are positive thinking problem solvers..somehow we always get to where we need to be.

it is tho highly emotional and intellectual work. there is a lot of watching, evaluating, planning and re-planning and then more watching and re evaluating. some of it is physical...eyes, ears, brain work...some of it is gut or intuitive work.

but the bottom line, under it all is one simple thing...where ever they came from wasn't working that great for them or they would not be here. our job is to change make life work for them, one way or another so they can find peace, happiness, better health. that is what we do here and we do it pretty well.

brutus the hound is a bit of an guarding and intimidating groot.

groot is nervous around him which is too bad because that dumb hound has figured that out and it just encourages him. I am most likely going to move groot and try him with mika's crew next week. in the mean time, I gave him some private hound free space by blocking off part of the room. brutus is most likely reacting to groot's recent neuter...the hormones have not gone yet and mr. nasal passages can smell it and it bugs him.

allie just did not want to be in with those moronic guys so she is now in the kitchen which she likes better. she continues to be a sweet, kissy, cuddly girl. her meds seem to be working and while her ears are still a mess, they are not bugging her right now.

the newest two newby's...are Q..resource guarding shitz..very sweet, very cute..moved right in like he has always been here. and simon..the ancient grumpy min pin cross. he is super adorable..not too keen on the other guys but behaving himself pretty well. both Q and simon are joining the bed buddy crew.

I want to thank everyone who took time in the past couple of weeks to help crippled me get ready for the open house. we had far less help this year which totally sucked and has made it harder for everyone else. but thanks to those who did come and especially to the multi-work day folks like Shelagh, lynne and tammy who all came on several to many days and worked their guts out..we are ready.

saints is who it is..what it is because of the folks who have our back...not so much for me but for the allie, brutus, groot, Q, and simon, the other 130 residents, the 40ish out in foster care...they needed us and we were there for them because our saints family was right there behind us..helping us do what needs to be done in order to help them.

good job.



Hi Carol,
Thanks for the update on Zae, it's so hard, and you can't explain why your doing something to a dog, you can't prepare them for it or tell them it's for the best ,that it's going to be for a day a month or forever. I thought maybe if I came once a week then at least shed know I was coming back, at least once in awhile. Your right though, I just have to keep telling myself that she's in doggy paradise, she's going to be so happy there and her ears aren't going to bug her anymore, dogs live in the moment they don't dwell on the past, so it's probably way harder for me than it is for her I hope. The updates help so much ,being able to see how she's doing each day, it helps me get through it, so thanks for taking the time xx