Rescue Journal

it was a very good day

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2015

so many really and truly kind people, beautiful weather, wonderful kind of heaven on earth.

the animals are all happily exhausted and snoring away on their beds...I am awake because I can't sleep (for absolutely no reason)...go figure.

we saw ex-saints,,joey now tux: super hero K9 first aid mascot, cabot: who is so ancient now he came pulled in a radio flyer wagon, Jimmy: our sweet little biting chi (and his girlfriend lizzie) and roxy roller, a very crazy chi (aka TRex) while not making an actual appearance because she would have tried to actually kill somebody...sent her mom and dad as her representatives and they proudly announced she has not bitten either of them in the last 6 months...way to go roxy!!!

such a good day...thank you everyone who worked, participated, and visited at saints day one open house day!!!

hope it all goes as great on day 2 tomorrow!!!OPEN HOUSE SLIDE_1 (1024x595) (2)



she did great on the weekend..everyone loved her. we are managing her ears with the pred. until she sees our vets this week. no need for the past medical records..we will be formulating our own medical plan for her, we have a lot of successful experience with her types of issues and in any case she will not stay on the pred. past this week because of the long term side effects...there are other meds that are safer and work better. and while I appreciate your deep love and concern for her..for your own health and wellbeing and for your family's, it is time to take a step back. allie has moved on to a new chapter in her life. she is already deeply loved, she will receive the absolute best in medical and emotional care...she is now with me and that means she is part of my family, I am fully 100% committed to her in every way and this is now her home.
there will be periodic updates on her progress on the blog..but not every day.


Hi Carol,
I know you are very busy, especially with the open house this weekend, but could you please let me know how Zae is doing,iv been having one very long and stubborn panic attack since the blog didn't go up last night which is understandable seeing as you guys have had one crazy busy weekend, however the only thing that is keeping my sanity in check is being able to see how my little girl is doing each day, how did she handle all of the people at the open house? Has she been to the vet to have her ears flushed out yet? I know the last time we had the ear scrapings under microscope it was staphylococcus, but apparently it's extremely likely that it's mutated, and I don't know if they've started her on the antibiotics and whatnot yet , I wanted to let you know that because we've been medicating her pretty much her whole life and the prednisone is pretty much a miracle worker keeping her comfortable however we've really noticed that the longer she is on it the more troubling the effects of it become, she starts peeing extremely frequently and her belly becomes quite distended, so when she has a bad episode and she really needs to be on it we have to get the ear drops and antibiotics going immediately so that we can get her off the prednisone as soon as also very concerned about the long term effects that the steroids have caused her , with her needing them so often. And I'm not sure if it was passed along but I've also noticed that when she's going up the stairs or up onto the couch, she will not jump she has to climb up and when we had to get her into the back of the truck on the way to saints I had to help her up by lifting her by the belly and she really reacted to that I could tell that it really hurt her to have that pressure on her abdomen, she also had some nodules on her neck under her collar, which apparently could be a result of the constant steroid use.i was wondering if you have a personal email that I could send a medical background writ up along with a behavior , emotional history , or if you have a phone number I could contact you at that might be easiest:) I hope the open house went well for everyone! Take care I look forward to hearing back from you!