Rescue Journal

rescue is hard.

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2015

we have been watching and waiting, counting the days until shep, Caesar and tigger are ready to go for weeks now. and yet every morning they wake up, ready to stay....ready to live this brand new day.

and then Harley silently sneaks past us without us knowing that her life was now done. I thought of each possibility of why she suddenly became so sick, and every single one of them was treatable. there was always hope and a conviction that whatever it was, could certainly be dealt with, managed or fixed.

I know shep and Caesar and tigger are going to die any day now soon, and I knew Harley was going to be with us for a very long time. I knew these things in my head and my gut..i didn't even question their truth.

maybe this is the hardest part of rescue..i don't know. I don't even know what I think I do know. I think if you went back thru the blog, you would find a hundred different statements of the hardest rescuing parts.

maybe the only real truth of it's all so god damn fucken hard.



I can't imagine how painful it is giving your heart to all these precious babies, loving them and losing them.. My heart is breaking for you, poor Harley .. It takes a very strong courageous person to do what you do Carol

Carol A.

losing Harley hurts so bad because its just not right.

She had your promise of romps in the field and lots of snuggles and years of watching the rain from inside the window.

She was happy and safe and loved when she closed her eyes and she will always be safe and deeply loved.

not being there to kiss her goodbye hurts beyond words. Surprise ah the pain of that? no idea it was her moment.

sweet dreams Harley, sending everyone my love.