Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2015

little crippled max is sick and in the vets on IV's...bloodwork shows some liver issues, xray showed possibly bronchitis but at this point we really are not too sure of anything except he is feeling sick.

zues and nicki had their vet checks, nothing too exciting with them.

I had a call from TedZ's mom...he is having big and painful trouble with one of his eyes and he may need surgery to remove it.

new dog in..more emaciated than Harley was when she came in. SARC has had him hanging out at the vets, lots of testing done but no firm answer on whats going on. he is quite perky with the move here..walked in the door and chowed down on a bowlful of dry food. I guess we will have to do some more investigations to he sick or is he just profoundly starved.
please feel free to offer suggestions!





I haven't heard from tyke in a while bob, he and his family moved to sask. last I heard all was going well and they adored him.

Carol Ann L.

I had a Rupert. He was awesome and actually it was after he died that I found Saints.


Hi Carol
I read your blog every day and love your style of writing.
I would like to know if you have heard how Tyke is doing?
I still miss that little
bugger(lovingly said)
Thank you.

Lenore Henry

Those soulful eyes of his are saying Rupert - definitely suits that name - hope he had a comfortable first night at Saints...


I agree with Shelagh, all the "k" names do my brain in, which is not too hard! I like Rupert, he looks like a Rupert bear.

Carol A.

Walker, just plain Walker. peaceful guy, need ps to stretch out on the porch and snooze.
how is Max?


Maggie had a Rupert. Didn't she? Nope, Rumple that's it. Maggie took home Rumple when I took home Bear. Finally I remember something! Jeez, gettin old I guess

Cheryl Shaw

I look at his eyes & immediately think "Albert" - to be called "Big Bertie" hoping he will live up to the name.

shelagh f

could we do something different, i'm still confused from all the
colbys, kobe, kodas,Kya. my 2 of 3 brain cells are still trying to get
them straight
how about rupert?
hang in there TedZ


Kodi! That's right, I remember Ann fell in love with him and he had a sleepover or two at her place. Max must've been before my time.


Suggestions for what? A name or what's wrong with him? I guess 2 of my 3 brain cells took the day off, what was our other cattle dogs name? I wanna say Kobe but it doesn't seem right..