Allie is looking for sponsors for Wishes 4 Whiskers

Sheila  ·  Jul. 29, 2015


Table Sponsors – Allie is really hoping to have all 25 tables sponsored for $200. If you, your family, your workplace, a group of friends would like to get together and sponsor table you can have the choice of one of the saintly residents or your own furry or feathered friend host the table. Thanks And for your efforts you can take home (or have Allie's servant mail you) the centerpiece honoring your sponsorship. Below are a few of the photos that graced our tables last year.

Animal Sponsorships - Allie really, really, really, wants her picture and all her pals pictures to grace a table setting at the Wishes 4 Whiskers event. Because the animals can't attend in person we try really hard (and have succeeded each year!!) at getting each of our saints residents get a $25 sponsorship. What this means is that if Allie gets a sponsor she gets to have her beautiful face smiling up at someone on September 19th.


Lets make it fun... post here which animals you would like to sponsor or better yet that you would like to sponsor a table.

PS Thank Johanna Hickey for sponsoring 2 tables and Dawn Gleadhill for sponsoring 1.

options for payment
1. Use the PayPal or Canada helps button on the donation page. Please leave a not that your donation is for a table or animal sponsorship. Sponsorship
2. mail a check to Saints at 33860 Dlugosh avenue Mission, BC V2BV 6B2. Please mark check as a animal or table sponsorship



Lynne, can I join your table please? and Hi Sheila Buddy 2 please :)

lynne arnason

i still need 3 more people for the volunteer table if anyone is interested i have me and my daughter, tammy, brenda and shawn. need 8 people and then its a bit cheaper. let me know. i will sponsor a table and would like to have murphy and princess on it. thankyou. i will wait to see what animals still need sponsoring, agree wityh nicole need a list.

shelagh f

i will sponsor Theya and Dora, in foster. who cares that Dora
is not on the permanant fosters on the website? I think I took
her before she got any coverage. there was a pic of her somewhere


I'm with NicoleMc, will sponsor once the dust settles and see who is left :-)

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol
I would like to sponsor Ewok and a table for her and Smokey


this is too confusing! my brain hurts.
once you have them compiled can you post who still needs sponsoring?

cathie k

Sheila...I would like to sponser the same tables and animals that I had last that's three tables one being the memorial setting including same critters as per last year...Thank You in advance... Cathie k......,N.B, I gave your sister some pieces for your gala auction at the pub night...She placed them in her red bag ...Hope that's okay.Cathie


Carol, how is Max doing now? - couldn't 't see a recent update on the blog.


Sheila, I will sponsor sweet Squirt, and I am going in on a volunteer table with Lynne and others....will get the money to you when back from holidays. Thanks,


I don't think I saw Paris blueberry or jack so will sponsor them.


Thanks Sheila. He is / was a great little fighter (in the emotional sense) and friend

Barbara T

Sheila and Saints, you are very welcome, and I should proof my post before I hit send, reading instead of ready for Rupert.
Have another company I am meeting with tomorrow, to hit up for a table sponsor, will post later if they agree.

Barbara T

See from ready the posts that Rupert has already been sponsored, since he has been claimed and sponsored change my sponsorship to Rosalee ( Rose), Jiggy, Mischief and of course Phoebe.


thanks everyone. And thank you to everyone sent their payment through PayPal

Barbara T

Another table sponsor - A.W. McGarvey Law Office, Courtenay, BC will sponsor one table, money in the mail next week.

Barbara T

I will sponsor Rosalee ( Rosie), Rupert and another one for Phoebe, at her table of course, no other dogs at that space for this beautiful red head that stole our hearts.

Money in the mail.

Barbara T


Thanks everyone for your sponsorships. I have written them all down. Curt yes you can sponsor Tigger.



Option for payments
1. Use the PayPal or Canada helps button on the donation page. Please leave a not that your donation is for a table or animal sponsorship. <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Sponsorship</a>

2. Mail check to saints at 33860 Dlugosh Ave Mission BC
V2V 6B2. Please mark your check as a table or animal sponsorship

jamie bryk

Carol/Sheila I will sponsor Phoebe twice - that way I get a picture of (one of) my loved red heads.

Caitlan Akins

I will sponsor Allie! How would you like to receive the payment?


Carolin Thanks for the table sponsorship. I will email you the information for payment and also to ask what picture you would like to grace your sponsorship.


I got a message from phoebe last night.,..she would like me to sponsor a table in her memory AND she would like me to sponsor her 8 times so she has many photos of herself at that table and I quote "no other stinking dogs pictures at my table except for beautiful me." ok so I can't afford both..i will sponsor the table...are there 8 phoebe sponsors out there...even on the other side she is trying to boss typically "all about me"phoebe!

Penny Veresh

I'll sponsor Anthony Hopkins, Bonanza & Steele - and challenge all those bunny lovers out there - we have some gorgeous bunnies who need a sponsor for the Gala!!!!


Hi Sheila,
May I please sponsor Ziggy? I will also send you an extra $25.OO for a SAINT of your choice who either doesn't get a sponsor or one who is new at the time of the event.
Thank you!


Can I do a sponsor in memory / honor of Tiger? I think he deserves it, let's say for Mocha or Chloe?