Rescue Journal

the saints tweet

Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2015

"i knew I smelled junk food!"
fritz who has lived here for 2-3 years and never once ventured out of the back cat rooms, is poking around the laundry room shelves. ah says me as I watch him finally track down that tantalizing are after the crappy bag of friskies!

"innocent until proven guilty"
I have been blaming pete for stealing my shoes in the middle of the night and gnawing a hole thru the insert. luckily he was found to be innocent when I woke up from my nap and spied andy holding my shoe with both of his feet while his teeth made his previous hole bigger.

"a room with a view" or "if she gives you an inch...go for the mile."
kyle got moved over to the entrance way..i made him a nice little space where he can watch everyone as they come and go. but he has sat there and cried so softly and sadly that I let him leave his room with a view and move into the kitchen.
now he sits outside the computer room door crying to get in here and then barking at fritz who quickly slipped past him to the safety of the back frisky-less cat rooms.
grhh kyle...don't bark at the cats AND you are not coming in here!

"hello? name is shep."
shep loves nothing more than a new dog. make that dog small, have him be crippled and incontinent of urine and stool and shep is convinced that he has suddenly discovered THE most interesting dog in the world.

ok, so the twits are done tweeting for now.



Hold on to your heart Brenda..he is a real Cutie..he acted all fierce and growly when i first met him..after a bit he allowed me to pet and scratch him under his chin. Soft fur..beautiful little guy.


Sweet Shep ...glad Kyle has a friend - sounds like he needs one. -that poor little dachsi's story breaks my heart. - Looking forward to meeting him when I return.