Rescue Journal

bulldog lands on the moon.

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2015

sigh, ok not really but...I think aggie was drinking last night.

twice she fell off of the pillow on the blanket box and fell down the plastic spa stairs.

she finally made it up to the bed but that not always so nice phina was in her way so she settled for a 12 inch by 12 inch patch of free bed next to my head.

and there she sat...and sat...and one of those silent gargoyle statues, she just silently sat.

she fell asleep like that but her head was too heavy. so ever so slowly it lowered down, millimeter by millimeter until her chin softly and safely landed on the bridge of my nose.

it was like a slo mo lunar landing except on my nose.

and how was I supposed to sleep with her chin and 30 pound head firmly planted on my face?

aggie has a skewed bulldog concept of personal space.



Omg, I can picture this so well...hilarious Carol, but sorry you didn't get much sleep

Carol A.

Ah, Carol..
Poor girl, she was just so tired, and so scared, and the safest place she could get to was right beside your head beacuse you would never let her fall. It must have been really hard for her to get back up on the bed not just once but three times. hard work.

So is it a doulbe or queen size matress? I suppose it doesnt matter once every one stretches out and starts snoring and gravitates to the warmest spot....i.e. you!

I hope everyone has a better sleep tonight.


What is personal space? I have no concept of that notion - I have furkids. ;)
Love the posts you do, Carol!!
Oh, and while I am at it - I have a couple things I would like to drop off - food my two kitties cannot eat (IBD - on hypoallergenic food only now), and the bulk of the bag of litter that I got when I picked up the girls - I no longer use it, it should be put to good use. Is there a time other than the weekends that is generally ok to swing by?