Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2015

allie has gone off to foster care with a wonderful family...first couple of weeks are a trial to see how she does.
allie 2

dee has gone home with laura on an adoption trial...depends on how one of the family dogs reacts to her.

shelley is making us a new video for the sept gala...YAY!!! she started the process today.

brad pitt bit jenn's hand and finger...bad brad, we need jenn's unharmed hands for taking saints pictures!

I wrecked my knees running to Sheila and jerry lee's of our neighbors dog had gotten loose and was circling them and being aggressive while they were on a walk. luckily faster saints folks passed me on the run and jerry lee and Sheila are fine. she said jerry lee wasn't the least bit worried, he was more than happy to take on the horribly ill mannered and unfriendly beast.
damn beagles think they are invincible.
it took us a while to find sheila's glasses and shoes that she was flinging around to scare him off but eventually all was found.

note to all volunteers walking saints dogs...don't take our dogs further left down the street..go right to the school yard...those dogs are unpredictable and can jump their fence...lets keep our dogs far away and safe.

I am tired and I am sore, it was a long rescue day.
to finish off...say hi to kyle...sweet photo...sweet dog!


Linda Ciccozzi

I am so pleased to hear that Dee has left the building for happier days. You deserve it sweetheart!
Allie (aka Blue to me, there was once a beautiful dog in my life named Blue...she looked very much like Allie)hope you are getting along at Foster careI. Be happy girl! You are missed.
Gerry Lee....a true Beagle only interested in following his nose wherever the scent takes him!
And Kyle, you are exquisite! I just want to take you home! Def you shld be a model/pin up for SAINTS, even audition for the movies you handsome boy!🐾


Great news for Allie, and hope it works out for Dee with Laura too - that would be wonderful. Glad Sheila is ok after the scare with Jerry Lee. Thank goodness I always turn right when I walk the dogs....

alsyon nerker

Missed Allie today but glad to hear she's safe and sound in a new home. I'm glad I had time with Dee today, we'll all miss her for sure. Jerry Lee had a good run this afternoon, twice even. Surprised he had some more fight left in him for the neighbours dogs. Not surprised really. And Kyle is so sweet. Looking forward to seeing him again. Nice colours by the way.