Rescue Journal

kyle's cool cart...

Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2015

I am trying to slog my way thru the laundry and am using kyle as the anchor to keep me in the kitchen vs shrugging off the smelly linen responsibility and sneaking off to bed.

kyle is hilarious, he bounces around like his butt is a pogo stick and is an out and out psycho player. jiggy has tried to play with him but quite frankly, kyle's enthusiastic athletic bouncing speed of light-ness is freaking him out!
how does that crippled dog move so quickly?!
if he was chasing a squirrel or something...maybe he did run away from home really far and fast.
still, his home should have gone looking for him...the fact that they didn't makes kyle and all the rest of us sad.

so for a little biting asshole..who was most likely just totally freaked right out...he has turned into this sweet, affectionate, funny and playful dog who gets along with everyone really well...except when his happy go lucky bouncing sort of freaks them out!

wade, one of our volunteers made kyle his very own cart. we have quite a few doggy "official" and "real" expensive K9 wheelchairs in various sizes and styles but I have never liked any of them. too many parts, too many pieces, too many straps and do-dads...too complicated for quickly getting dogs in and out.

I don't know how many folks remember pinky, saints past little disabled daxie who found a great home via the great folks at CTV? anyway, he came with a very simple and user friendly crippled cart that was homemade out of PVC pipe and baby doll carriage wheels by some handy body. that simple little sucker worked like a dream.

so I asked wade if he could make one for kyle and low and behold, he did~! he wants us to trial it out this week before gluing it permanently. not that kyle really needs help getting around, he has such an effective bounce. but the cart will be great for playing outside where the ground is too rough for kyle's delicate skin.

if this cart works out great..i am going to ask wade to make another one that looks like an airplane..i bet kyle would look so cool cruising around with wings and maybe some goggles.
I can see a million FB followers of radio-flyer kyle, the disabled daxi with wings.

kyle says "yes! I would like to be famous please!"

I better be careful tho, if I get him looking too cool, someone will want to adopt him for sure and there goes my newest fun out of my house and straight thru to someone else.

maybe we should pass on the fancy plane and just stick with the simple, user friendly, plain jane.

I can always deck him out with all kinds of fun and cool stuff to amuse myself when no one is looking.



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Big thanks to Wade for building Kyle a cart!! Hopefully someone can take a video of him zooming around and post it to FB :)


This is a great site for DYI cart building, there are detailed instructions given:


That sounds wonderful...hope the cart works like a dream...can't wait to meet Kyle and the rest of the newbies. I'm finally back next Sunday.
Kyle is so beautiful.....