Rescue Journal

hope floats for a pretty good day...but murphy knows, it might just go sideways.

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2015

we survived the 7 hour power outage (without access to water since the pump is electrical!) and happily no trees came down on the house.

but I think rudy might be starting to colic again. rains, it pours, you can't stop the wind from does whatever it wants...and...poop happens or not.

I don't know if I should be thanking god for giving me the strength (or cursing me with the utter stupidity...) to put up with all of obstacles, the pitfalls..sometimes the brain boggling crap, that goes hand in hand with rescue. but whatever it is, it's worked for the animals because I am still here.

when I finally leave here, it will be a well planned, bases are all covered exit..unless of course I die first from an oh my freaking gawd..are you freaking kidding me????!!! heart attack.

maybe I should also be thanking him for a pretty damn hearty heart!

huge thank you to lynne, mo and ko for staying until we were all safe. and another huge thank you to the wonderful folks who today (knowingly or unknowingly) are going to get that blasted downed tree out of the upper pasture. its going to be a lot of work.

and rudy...ferchrissakes,,please get yer bowels in healthy order and poop regularly, that will really make my day.