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new already "In's"

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2015

patches...12 yr old grumpy calico cat from nelson...she is in the medical room.

sasha...also from nelson is a senior deaf tabby cat with a chronic nasal infection and heart disease. sasha is currently caged in the mp communal cat room.

holiday is a youngish bicolor black and white, and he too is from nelson. he is also a diabetic and currently is caged in the house left back cat room.

and finally, the last cat in tonight is from Surrey...Binx is a stunning, exotic looking tabby cat with a facial growth and he is chilling out in addy's cage in the house right side cat room cuz I wasn't really expecting him tonight so we never got around to setting up his holding cage.

oh well...addy won't mind spending the night free..she likes being out and about.

we also have a new stray duck...she flew in on her own yesterday. kevin was going to name her but I forgot to ask him today what his final choice was. I will try to remember to ask him tomorrow.

it was a pretty busy intake day in addition to the sad out going of shep.



Okay Helga, sounds like we are talking about different Cali's. Mine was the sweet girl who lived in the rabbit/medical room then moved to the MP room. I think we lost her about 2-3 years ago.


Patches actually looks a bit like Millie, she's got long hair. I had no troubles at all with her, she was loving the loves today but I hear she took a swat at Ann yesterday. She's a big girl, not shy at all :)


Cali who now lives on top of the wall unit because I had the gall to move Babe Ruth into her room?


Are we talking about the same Cali? My Cali? The one who was in a cage in the MP building cat room and would rip your hand off if it got too close to her?


Hey, Cali was a very sweet cat. People just needed to understand she set the rules. Also her little corner in the rabbit room, known as 'Cali World", needed to be kept to her comfort.
I miss that little girl.


Thank you Carol for the information re the cats. Also thank you for having a pictures of the Saints residents. I always find it confusing when you start talking about this one or that one. Its hard to keep track of everybody!!


Looking forward to seeing / meeting what sounds like a Tristie replacement at the shelter ;=)


hi cathy with the 4 new guys that came yesterday...we currently have 32 senior and special needs cats....shadeau is still here but he has a home at the end of the month so I counted him in with everyone else because he hasn't actually gone yet.

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