Rescue Journal

shep passed away today

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2015

life was starting to become a burden, each day was becoming more difficult. he came to saints in 2013, with a body already old, already frail but so strong of heart. today shep slipped peacefully away in his very own bed with the gentle help of our vet. he was in every fibre of his being: a good dog. a kind dog. a gentle dog.
he will be greatly missed here.
Team House
rest in well deserved peace shep, all of us loved you.


Linda Ciccozzi

Shep's presence was surely missed by me this past weekend! He was such a good boy......strong too because he could stand for ever! Once I understood his issues, I often helped him lie down so he could rest. RIP Shep 🐾💕😔

lynne arnason

im glad i got to say goodbye to shep yesterday. he was ready to make his final journey but he sure will be missed. yes he was a gentle soul will miss seeing his handsome face in the kitchen. love u shep


Good dog..Good passing. Swift and peaceful journey have many friends waiting to greet you


What an amazingly sweet boy with such a huge spirit....Rip dear Shep


I'm heartbroken to hear of Shep's passing. He was one of the sweetest dogs I've met and I'm lucky to have been able to spend time with him and be able to tell him what a great dog he was and that he was loved very much. Rest in peace, Sheppie.

Lenore Henry

I am so sorry Carol and everyone at Saints for the loss of Shep - he was such a gentle soul full of love....


One of the nicest dogs you could ever meet, you were a real gem Shep.

Wendy Scott

I am so sorry to hear about Shep, rest in peace . He had a good home at Saints .


RIP dear sweet Shep...i will miss you pressed against me and your young heart and mind. You are and will always be a treasure...i will miss you