Rescue Journal

pink has pissed me off.

Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2015

Dionne, ali and Shelagh got all of the barn birds newly squared away. we had to do some major moves...why you ask?
well let me tell you...
because fairy tales are utter crap when real life has its day.

finally Crosby had a turkey friend after all those losses of her little friend meat birds who died within a year. none of them could over come the generations of steroids and mutation breeding of quick growing mega sized monsters to fill up human plates.
crosby lost so many over the past few years. rescue couldn't expand their life spans. we could only give them a good life for the short time they were here.

so enter pink...crosby's new best friend turkey, bred to be around for many years. and pink was a dream come true for Crosby and all of us...she took our partially blind and crippled geriatric turkey under her wing..instantly protecting and nurturing her. OMG an actual and real rescue fairy tale come true!!!

until Saturday when pink removed a third of Crosby's scalp...are you freaking kidding me??!!! you pecked the head of our very most precious and frail old bird???!!
damn barn yard birds obviously haven't a clue about the necessity of warm and fuzzy fairy tales in rescue.

everyone got switched around so crosby is once again safe...she is in her very own safe little spot in the chicken house where she can see and hear the chickens, the ducks and that blood thirsty ex best friend turkey and not feel lonely. AND she is set up in such a way that no freaking one can get their beak on her.

the beauty of this switch around puts Crosby in the warmest of the chicken houses and right underneath a heat lamp for when the weather gets cold so this winter we won't have to move her out of the barn yards and into the rabbit house. it also gives her a good yet safe day time view of the outside world from her little fenced patio, she doesn't move very far any more..she just likes to look around. plus she can see and hear the other birds and gets to watch them goofing around outside too.

I am pretty pissed off at pink for hurting Crosby and wrecking our happily ever after fairy tale but the truth of the matter is barn yard birds have their own rules and regulations and they don't necessarily follow the morality compass of their do-gooder humans...but my morals are way kinder and better than theirs so really they should!

pink and cros
pink and Crosby before the friendship got pecked apart. Crosby the always kind and wonderful and Pink is now a head pecking jerk.