Rescue Journal

not one of those "wow that's good news" days.

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2015

addy had her check with the neurologist..the optimal time to repair a damaged spine is within the first 24 hours,,,10 days at the most. addy has been several months so that section of her spine will remain toast. the good news is she will start some physio so we can learn how to keep all of her muscles and joints in the very best shape AND erin is taking addy home as her new saints foster...yay!

roger rabbit had his vet is most likely a thyroid tumor, was possibly treatable many months ago. but the cancer has spread to his lungs so it is too late to help him. he is starting on steroids and we will see if they help him with his coughing but the vet thinks he probably only has a few weeks left. for dinner I gave him my left over olive garden lunch and some homemade baking powder biscuits plus some expensive organic chicken cat food...he said mmmm good! and he ate his dinner in his favorite place, on the red leather couch. such a very, very, very sweet and gentle boy.

and apparently the bridge between me in my cottage started falling apart today. crapola man, I am on vacation but I can't get away to the cottage to de-stress and relax....grhhh.



On the evening news yesterday they said the Dewdney bridge might be fixed by end of the weekend. So we'll all keep our fingers crossed.


Have not met Roger yet....but love coonhounds....very sad prognosis, but glad he's at Saints for whatever time he has left. ..looking forward to meeting him Saturday.
Carol, the bridge is supposed to be fixed by Sunday..hope that's a reality and you get some time at your cabin..


Oh that's soooo great Erin - Addy is a special girl and is very lucky to be added to your family.


Good news for Addy, I hope the physio will improve her quality of life. Good choice to be with Erin as she cannot be with just anybody :=)