Rescue Journal

roger would like to share a couple of tricks for helping dogs with lung disease breathe easier

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2015

but first, he would like everyone to know that he really enjoyed all of the cuddles today!

he is a happy couch potato camper feeling the love every possible way!

ok..helping dogs to breathe more comfortably.

1. if they have fluid in their lungs...make sure your vet gives you a range of dosing instructions for lasix. ie give x mg twice a day may give extra dose of x mg inbetween if needed.
2. opiates relax the chest muscles, slow down breathing rates and make it easier to get air in so ask your vet for tramadol or equivalent.
3. codeine works well for controlling can buy an over the counter cough medicine with a small dose of codeine but make sure to run it by your vet to make sure it is ok with whatever else he is on for meds.
4. prednisone can help reduce inflammation in the lungs and help open up airways and increases the animals desire to eat and drink. good hydration helps keep secretions liquid and are easier for the animal to clear, adding a bit of extra water to soft canned meals can help get enough fluids in....also there are some inhalers available some with or without steroids that can help open airways. these too will need to be ordered by your vet.
5. watch for secondary infections like pneumonia and get these treated by your vet right away.
6. dogs breathe easier in cooler temperatures so keep their room on the cooler side by opening a door or a window. but don't let them get over chilled. and certainly don't let them overheat with a bunch of heavy blankets on them.
7. getting the animal up and moving a few times a day helps reduce pooling of secretions...even just changing position will help plus it will help prevent bed sores and keep bowels and bladder working.
8. turning electric fans directly on the animal can help them feel they are getting enough oxygen is an easy comfort measure and it can give them a lot of relief.
9. keep things calm....animals breathe better if not anxious.
10. seek emergency medical attention immediately if at any time the animal seems uncomfortable or in distress... NOTHING is more distressing or frightening to any creature than an inability to get in enough air.

happy roger rabbit today, breathing not too badly and loving the loving coming his way!!