Oreo is gob smacked!

Sheila  ·  Sep. 21, 2015


That's right gob smacked to learn how Saturday night that a group of Humans came together to celebrate SAINTS. And in the process raised much needed funds. These people raised $44.5 thousand and netted $35 thousand. He was in such a hurry to say THANK YOU that the admins on this page will have to write a whole new post with proper acknowledgements and pictures of the evening.

And as a side note, you are right Carol - Oreo doe look like the talking dog in the video. Maybe he can be our star in next year's video.


Dalia Tauber

What an amazing......inspiring.....and loving fundraising event. We enjoyed every single moment.
Let's aim for $44,500.00 NET - meaning: After expenses for next year
How may I help to achieve it?

shelagh f

great news, and good job Sheila and Leila for all the work
you put in


Wonderful news! ... I'm doing a happy dance....considering I don't dance😅😀