Rescue Journal

quick news

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2015

smiley miley is settling in..she is wagging her tail, coming for cuddles and playing with her toys again. such a lovely girl.

roger is doing well...super sucky this sweet boy.

daisy has lost that demented, out to lunch she has that i would like lunch 23 hours a day look! the easiest way to re-orientate confused dogs is with feed them treats constantly therapy..if they are food motivated, those food focused brains sharpen up and get into reality really darn quick! now every time daisy runs in to me, she sniffs my hands, looks me straight in the eye and telepathically asks..."where's my freaking food!"

i mentioned to one of the school next door folks that we were worried that two of their trees might fall and land on my house. i really didn't expect much to come of it but low and behold today, they cut down those trees. it is bare-er but it is safer so i am grateful to them!

still fighting off this cold. so far the virus is winning..spent most of the day at the cabin resting, hopefully that will bump me up into feeling better asap!