Rescue Journal

the rescue tree

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2015

when you look at the rescue tree, there are four critical things.

first there are the roots, stretching strong and true deep into the earth, stabilizing the tree, bringing up nutrients to feed the branches above. the staff, volunteers and supporters of saints are the roots that keep this tree safely anchored so it has the strength and stability to provide sanctuary to homeless senior animals in need.

the trunk is the base and the cornerstone of the shelter, the safe and nurturing home that we provide. it filters the support up from the roots so the leaves and branches can thrive.

the branches are the pathway of respect and compassion that reach out to each of the leaves to meet each individual animal's needs.

and the leaves are our animals who shine forth in heart stopping beauty as they take in the freely given gifts they were given and eventually glow with glorious colors in the autumns before their fall.

saints rescue tree is about life and death. it is also about giving and receiving. but mostly it is about the purpose in make the world a little bit brighter for broken and unwanted animals, filled with their hope and faith for a better tomorrow.

we are a strong and good tree.

and for that, i thank us all.