Rescue Journal

early morning mind meanderings

Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2015

sasha was rushed into the vets yesterday, he had taken a turn for the worse. we are trying some new med changes and we will see how he does. i have moved him over to the house where i can watch him more closely. poor sweet boy, he really does feel like crap.

new dog in...his name is jerry which we will change to gerry so as not to confuse him with our much loved lost little dick headed jerry who passed away many moons ago.

gerry is a sweet and cheerful, happy little pom with some kind of significant liver issues. both he and miley are seeing the vet today..gerry to arrange for an ulrasound and miley to get that partially torn cruciate looked at and develop a medical plan.

everyone else seems to be doing ok....roger is curled up asleep on the couch wrapped up in a fleece, some are still sleeping but the bed buddies are starting to stir and getting primed for the every morning howling fest.

i had one of my better nights sleep...11pm-5 am without having to get up at all!

i was thinking about rescue early this morning and saints in particular...and about how we are perceived.

i would think some folks think we are angels and some folks think we are crazy...and some folks might think we are slightly tarnished angels with a touch of mental disease.

but what i see is...we are a necessity.

as a world wide human society..mankind has never really learned what our ultimate purpose is.

we are meant to be the shepherds of planet earth and of the life all around us. but we took a different road, one of convenience, one of greed and self where might has right and the weaker don't.

the problem is none of us are happy any more where this road has led us..our world is breaking, the people are dying in wars, in poverty, in agony. our governments are corrupt, blind, dishonest and self serving.

we were born to be servants to each other, to the animals around us, to the oceans and trees...we were born to serve and protect, it was our destiny.

maybe one day we will get it together and find the right road again. but until then, places like saints are the islands to remind us that we can have a different world, we can have a second chance...we can be better than we have been.

we just have to each make that choice. we can rebuild the fabled garden of little island of necessary thoughtful service at a time.



Beautiful, Carol - yes, I only wish more people saw their way of life as serving and protecting our world. Thank goodness for all the little islands of hope around where the good work is being done.

Lori Paul

Saints is an invaluable example for humans like me who would despair if not for the news of how some humans are constantly performing acts of kindness, small and large, for the most vulnerable among us. I'm so pleased to play even my small role as a monthly contributor to be part of an organization with so many caring people helping animals who've been left to fend for themselves, for whatever reason. Saints gives me hope for humanity!