Rescue Journal

not one of my better nights.

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2015

oh man!

trying to do too many things at once and i ended up flooding the gawd dam kitchen.

note to not leave the kitchen sink running cuz you are NOT coming right back despite what you think.

murphy's law part 2..if you can make life more difficult, for sure you will.

so much work, so much laundry cleaning up a mega flood and just because i am too stupid to live.

duh. vacation is coming to an end...back to work on monday. as far as vacations go, can't say this one was anything to brag about. oh well...might as well forget about it, it wasn't the least bit worth remembering anyway.

i guess i will go argue with the bed buddies about giving me just a little bit of free space. i will lose the argument, i always do. what pisses me off is if i just gave up and slept on the floor..those little bastards would all sleep on the floor with me too.

sucks to be a fur magnet, it sucks that my vacation was so not worth having and it sucks to be a flood hazard dumdum.

hope floats tomorrow is a better day.



There's nothing like a good dose of self inflicted punishment to start the day off right.........hope the rest of you day went better :)