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in the quietest moments....

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2015

have you ever thought about the difference between giving affection and receiving affection from the animals that we all love.

i was thinking about it while buddy was flipping my freaking elbow with his nose earlier when i was trying to answer an email.

buddy wasn't giving me affection, he was requesting that i fork some over to him. phoebe used to stick her butt out at me, offering it up for a scratch. phoebe wasn't seeking to make me feel loved, she was relishing the pleasure of a good butt scratch.

when we show affection to our animals we pet them, we pat them, we hug them and kiss them, we rub their ears, their belly's and scratch their butts. we are seeking to make them feel good, to feel loved and they do.

but when buddy flips my elbow, he isn't telling me how much he loves me, he is saying he needs to feel loved so i better pet him..

but buddy does tell me he loves me every day, i can plainly see it in his adoring face.

so how do our animals communicate to us that they want us to know that we are loved?

interestingly is not when luna or mika are jumping on me, frantic that i am finally home...nor is it when june is flipping her foot dangerously close to my face, trying to get me to shake a paw, or when the cats are reaching out at me and snagging me with their claws...those behaviors say they need something from me to help them feel cared for and loved.

it is in the quietest moments that these animals give me their affection.

when june lays her head trustingly against me.

when roger gently lays his head on my lap, or when daisy lays her soft head in my hands.

when little black buddy snuggles close to me in the dark and gently licks my finger tips and kyah snuggles close to my legs or coda lays across my shoulder and looks me right in the eye for just one brief moment in time.

or when patches stretches her face up to carefully sniff my face, curious, interested, and ever so gently.

it is when benny quietly leans his generous weight against me, or reaches up to give me three quick and soft licks to my face or sunny and tang engage me in head butts and body rubs while in the mood for a feline love fest.

it is when i lay on the floor and the bunnies place they foreheads against mine and close their eyes in trust or for the timid ones, shyly come up to sniff my hand and allow a gentle nose rub.

it is when the horses lay their heads over my shoulder with their warm breath blowing across my back. or when they use their soft and delicate lips to trace feather light tickles across my skin.

the pigs ooof, ooof, and gently touch me with their snouts and wag their sweet little tails.

it is when in the quietest of moments they offer something freely of themselves to me without looking to get something back and without me having to ask for it.

it is this quiet offering of some part of themselves that is their affection giving.

i haven't asked, or demanded, i haven't taken without permission, i haven't even offered anything back except freezing a soft moment in time and being receptive to their giving. but still i have received their quiet momentary gift and some days like a blessing, it silently humbles and overflows me..

my hope is that when i too share a quiet moment of offering myself freely to them, they feel the honesty of my affection and feel overflowed too.

i love these guys and their gentle giving hearts, they give me so many of these special quiet moments.



not great...he is starting to wind down...getting him to eat well is a bit of a challenge, he is so old now.


when I read this I was reminded of an earlier post where Carol told of how little Zeus would wait to greet her. how is he doing?

Lenore Henry

Thanks Carol for the very touching and meaningful post and thanks to Cheryl for saying what so many of us feel. Happy Thanksgiving.

Owen and Lenore



Very nicely put. One of your best.

Thank you and happy thanksgiving.

pip van nispen

Thank you Carol for this most beautiful Thanksgiving sharing. And heartfelt thanks to everyone at Saints

alyson nerker

Insightful post, well written, warmly read. Happy Thanksgiving :D


Beautifully written....I love these posts that give such a true reflection of what Saints is all about....thank you Carol.......and ditto on what Cheryl said above.

Cheryl Shaw

On this Thanksgiving Monday, I would like to say I am thankful for ........Carol.
Without Carol, Saints would not exist, all the animals might not be loved & cared for as they are with a home & food etc.
Without Carol, I would not have been able to share 20 months of my life with Miss Andi who was a very special little soul.
Without Carol, I would not be sharing my life with 3 other maniac beings who present challenges, but provide a mountain of rewards to crazy people like me & Carol.
So Thank You Carol, for all you do - you really have no idea how many lives you changed when you dreamed about & created Saints. And especially thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.