Rescue Journal

crappy night

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2015

the dogs are terrified..esp the ones who used to be forgotton and forsaken back yard dogs...mika, roger, mojo, boomer, oreo..but then deisel is totally hysterical over the explosions too.

benny just had his 5th seizure despite the meds..i am hoping he continues to recover in between but if i have to take him to emergency the dogs here will just have to deal with being left alone on this scary night.

i am so brokenhearted, i am afraid i am going to lose my big and beautiful boy.


Linda Ciccozzi

Carol, if you need someone to help, please call. 604-469-0598.
We can't lose your big boy! Not yet 😔 He certainly is a special one. I can only imagine how much love you hold for Benny and how broken hearted you would be to lose him. I will think positive thoughts for him tonight. Bless his little heart for the joy he gives just by his beautiful, gentle presence! Take care🐾💕