Rescue Journal

spot goes out into foster care with a saints previous adoptee (tinsel, the little diabetic cat who is doing great by the way!)..yay spot, yay tinsel!!!

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2015

here is the first update:
Hi Carol

Just wanted to let you know Spot's first day was great! He did great in the car while we ran some errands and he was super polite on a visit to my parents and to my dog walker's house!

Once we were home, Taylor and Spot ate dinner together and then launched into a game of wrestle which turned into a game of tug with a rope toy. I was so happy to see them playing already!!

I think the two of them are going to be great buddies:)

Thanks again for letting me be his new fur-mom and for all you do for the animals:)

I'll be in touch soon with some updates and keep you in the loop with vet appointments etc.
spot 1

i so love happy rescued animal stories!



That's fantastic news, he is such a great dog so happy for everyone!


Oh, that's so wonderful to hear. Way to go Spot!, and thanks to his new foster family ....sounds like a perfect match