Rescue Journal

we said goodbye to kale today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2015

he had been off his food for a couple of days. when i took him into the vet this morning, his mouth cancer had started into his jaw and facial bones and the vet said it was time to let him go. the clinic had squeezed us in with other appointments and i had nacho and georgia with me in the exam room. everyone was out of their crates and wandering around. while we examined nacho, kale was exploring the room. the vet left us for a brief period while she saw another client. kale was bored with his exploring, and nacho was laying up on the exam table while georgia continued to dance around the room. after a brief consideration of the available seating options, kale chose to jump up and sit in the just about broke my heart, he looked so adorably cute. he contently sat there until it was time for his premed. it hit him hard and fast, within seconds, he was sound asleep and a few minutes later kale was assisted to pass very peacefully from this world.

sweet cat, so sad..i wish his life had been better but he was content at the end. it was the best we could do.

rest in peace kale, you were a lovely old soul.


Jacquie m

💕in loving memory of Kale.💕
I'm sure life was good with you SAINTS with kind hearts and warm beds. Sorry for your loss

Carol A.

ah sorry about Kale. cancer doesnt discriminate. it takes sweet young things and ancients too! Rest softly Kale, you were so loved and will be missed.💕


I am just learning about your rescue...a friend posted a picture of a successful adoption on her FB page, Buffalo Bill. She is the co-founder of the cat TNR program in my community....but over the decades it has evolved into much more. I found them when I was a single mom and needed help with getting help with spaying costs. I can now give back - fostering kittens and now I have become a trapper. Ironically, in my 50's, I have developed an allergy to cats - lol. I live with four, so I just take medication every day. I have been thinking what I will do if my cat allergy persists as my furbabies grow older and cross the bridge (two are seniors). Your page is helping convince me that adopting senior dogs is my future. I have never owned a dog because with the hours I work I just can't give a dog what it needs. But when I retire!!!! My condolences on having to say good-bye to Kale, but how lovely she knew love and care and was helped over the bridge.

shelagh f

oh dear, he layed in the sink as well when he spent the night here so
i put a couple of towels in there for him.
what he shame, he purred non stop and seemed like such a lovely
guy. RIP Kale