Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2015

mocha has left the building, starting his new life. he will be back periodically as his foster mom travels for work. he may not be really thrilled about that but for this cranky old blind cat, we are familiar. i like that mocha's mom took her time, came up here to visit him several times before making the final decision..mocha can be a bit of a challenging cat and needed a home that was able to accept him as he is. lucky boy that he found his perfect for him human.

new cat in...ebony is one of the two whose owner recently passed away. the other one was lucky enough to find a home elsewhere. ebony is extremely shy. she is on very close monitering to make sure she is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping. this is the kind of cat who is at huge risk when the world turns upside down...already sensitive and is just one short step to emotional meltdown.

june is good except she hates wearing her cone...poor baby.

oscar had a dental yesterday to remove an abscessed tooth...i picked him from the vets last night and he was really happy to see me.

fritz is having some health issues, he had blood work drawn which raised some questions so he is having some extra tests done.

kevin found a new turkey friend for pink...saints welcomes bif...looks like they are both getting along quite well.

i am not quite finished with the effects from that allergic reaction..still taking double doses of benadryl so my brain is in a bit of a fog. so if i seem like i am slightly out to lunch...i am, sort of.

i have probably forgotten something to report but maybe not...not too sure of anything currently.



Lots of good news! Yay for June and yay for Pink! Now she'll likely enter her "suite" on her own, now that she has someone to share it more picking her up to carry her there...and speedy recovery Carol...