Rescue Journal

ahhh, good morning dogs.

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2015

sweet cassie is playing with and ripping apart a stuffy at my feet.

miley has no toy...which is weird because she is supposed to be in her pen with her toys, but is innocently pretending to sleep under my computer desk. (i think she doesn't want to call attention to herself or for me to notice that she had diarrhea in her pen last night.)
i noticed.
good thing she figured out how to get out of there...a diarrhea coated golden retriever would have put me over the edge.

anyway..she is clean so i am ignoring her pen for 15 minutes til i finish my tea and am more awake.

i shall be tossing the whole kit and kaboodle out.

and thank god i don't have to bath the dog!