Rescue Journal

carrying on....

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2016

i have been slogging away here and there on that monsterous mess of a disaster area freaking shop. i have it a little better organized, i have free walking paths around the aisles to reach stuff without busting a spleen. still need to get norman's pen cleaned out so some of the bigger storage stuff can go back in there. but all in all it is 100% better and if we can keep it that way...IF WE CAN KEEP IT THAT WAY...on my next set of holidays it will be so much easier for me to sort thru some of the stuff in an organized manner and get rid of the excess that we really don't need.

hope floats that the shop stays neat and tidy...pleaseeeeeeeee.

miley is accepting of being stuck back in her pen. her surgery is booked for the 28th..i just want to get her done, fixed as best as we can and move on to finding her a great home...but even if all goes great, we are still looking at several more months.

magee is back from his vet check...he was shaved down so now he is naked. apparently he rivaled oscar the grouch for bad vet clinic behavior but he is happy now that he is home.

all of the new 5 cats have had their vet checks and viral testing...all is good. we have already moved a couple to the communal mp cat room and will move the others next week.

that is pretty much all of the news except my ankle is killing me. time for advil, ice pack and bed.