Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2016

poor little buddy had 18 teeth extracted today plus his icky ear flushed out. he is spending the night in the clinic and will be coming home tomorrow. he was only supposed to be going in for a check up but i whined and fussed when they said he needed the dental and ear flush because...BECAUSE..i have had that little donut in my car exactly twice and twice, i say TWICE he has pooped on my back seat so i really wanted to avoid a third pooping in the car ride!

buddy white

new in-here..kind of unexpected. erin called me at work and said she was so sorry but she took in a new dog today. to give her credit, she tried to say no but the dog showed up in the driveway..the owner said if she couldn't stay here, the next option was a stop along the side of the road somewhere. nice. not. hopefully he was only bluffing and being a guilt-bully, but you never know. anyway i am glad she said yes and so saints welcomes lacey who happens to be the spitting image of my much loved and long time lost stanley..he was our amazing family dog who passed away at 16. he was such a good boy.

the vets were back for blood work on ziggy and rio...ziggy needs his teeth that won't be fun. so glad i am working. rio is having his cushings level checked.

someone in my computer vicinity has those silent but deadly farts so i am leaving to have a nice, hot, non stinky bath...and whoever is oh gaseous one can't come with me.
is you the fartzo mr. chubby budster?