Rescue Journal

the broken hamster...

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2016

that dam little mickey...he slept all freaking day 10am-5pm..waking up only twice for quick bathroom breaks and lunch.

well..he is wide awake NOW. had his dinner, had another poop and pee, wandering around and doing his tiny ancient crippled dog thing.
everything should be fine and it's not!

why you ask?
because i actually made myself some dinner...a frozen pizza.

and mickey is apparently a pizza freak with a very well tuned nose.
i have given him some. maybe too much, after all he is a very tiny wrecked dog.
but he wants more...and more and more.

i am afraid he is plotting pizza suicide, which maybe isn't such a horrible way to go.
but not on my watch.

no more and please stop the moaning and crying.... the pizza is gone!