Rescue Journal

mi kassa, su kassa.

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2016

i had the damn couch until kassa decided she wanted it and managed to get me to move. she did this by squeezing in behind me and resting her giant drooly lips in my ear..15 seconds of saliva pooling in my ear canal convinced me to move.

not quite sure how i ended up being the one who had to move.

actually i do.

mi casa su casa.
it's the rescue creed.

i wish my bathroom was bigger since it is the ONLY spot animal free for me. but that freaking room is 5x6..its tiny. and a mess cuz not only do i stuff a bunch of my stuff in there..i didn't get around to cleaning it on my days off last week. it looks and feels better as my own private space when i actually tidy it up and get around to actually clean it.
oh well, next day off is thursday..i will try to fix it up then.

i do wish for a 10x10 bathroom...all that space...all to

this is why i like my cabin..while the bathroom isn't any bigger than the one i have here, there is a real living room, a real bedroom and oh my actual kitchen with a table and chairs!
and at the cabin, i am not a rescuer..i am just a person, with normal people stuff. i should really try more often to get out there.

without mickey of course.

mi cabin...nada su cabin.
the non rescue creed.

so many hats to, grandma, nurse, rescuer and future cabin dweller with a clean tidy bathroom..(one day.)

i don't really mind giving up the couch to goes with the territory at this moment in time.
the territory of rescue is..their needs before mine.

it is kind of like having a family and caring for your kids. you do it because it has to be done. you do it because you can. you do it because you are the one responsible for those that depend on you.

but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, when you have done your job as well as you could and your kids no longer need you. when they grow up to care for their own little ones.

saints is like that. saints survived the infancy and now saints is into the teenage years...saints is growing true and strong..solid in its values and purpose.

one day soon, saints won't need me anymore.
the light at the end of the rescue tunnel.
and i will get the couch all to myself!

not to worry kassa,
all things come to those that wait..even a couch. can just drool in someone's ear and not have to wait at all.