Rescue Journal

some tough days ( and nights) for our saints

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2016

cassie is having a bad night....looks to me like a severe vestibular attack. she has flooded the computer room with vomit and pee, she can't walk and falls over when she tries, her eyes are darting back and forth in high speed and she is quite anxious over what is happening. poor thing.

anyway..the good news is i am still sleeping in the computer room and its a good thing i am still sleeping on the floor because cassie has a ready made and huge comfy bed.

mickey has been totally unsettled and needy tonight, not sure if he is feeding off of cassie's anxiety or if he has something going on too.

lacey is not a happy camper, she had her dental today and lost 11 abscessed teeth. i totally forgot about picking her up from the vets tonight because the staff usually do it and my cell phone was dead and recharging. luckily the clinic got hold of erin and she came back to pick her up and bring her home. yay erin...stupid me.

charlotte has been having a tough time recovering from anesthetic..the vet put her under on wednesday to remove a rock which had stuck in her foot and caused an abscess. we gave her lots of TLC..donuts, fruit and special treats and she finally got up at suppertime after being down for more than 24 hours. kevin and michelle have taken great care of charlotte as she recovered...yay! (michelle is a new staff member who is doing her second week of training..welcome michelle!)

for those who remember salty, who has been out in foster care for more than a year. he is back with us again. his senior foster mom became ill and went into hospital and probably won't be home for quite a while. salty is settling back in ok.

oh, yes!!!...cassie and mickey are both finally sleeping...great big yay.