Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2016

it amazes me how "aware" little mickey actually is...he can be sound asleep and yet his little head pops up as soon as i leave the room and then he waddles over to the door to start fussing. its like he has a motion sensing alarm attached to me.

charlotte seems to be on the recovery road, i am glad because i was getting worried.

chicklet had her cushings test yesterday, just waiting for the results.

lacey went off into perm. foster care with jamie...yay lacey! yay jamie!

cassie was finally able to eat and drink on her own yesterday...she is still unsteady on her feet and loses her balance easily, but she is better than she was.

1 senior possibly cancer cat and 3 senior wrecked dogs in the wings waiting to get in...2 littles and a messed up shepherdx...we will get them in as soon as we have some wiggle room and cassie settles out a bit. the shelters are ok with keeping them until we can plan for their arrivals and move them in responsibly...most likely within the next week or two.

i am going to zip out to the cottage quickly this morning before the weekend warrior crew gets here and pick up oscar's replacement tv..if i don't do it today, it will have to wait next weekend. that wouldn't be fair since he is not the one who smashed his last one..(ahem poppy!) and he really enjoys watching movies. he has been tv-less for several weeks sorry oscar, that really was unfair.

vern came out and is giving us a price on fixing the front yard drainage issues so we can clean it up and pretty it up out there. it is driving me nutz because it looks so horrible...the front yard is one giant mud sludge. vern is also going to finish off poppy proofing the mp room so she stops barging around and wrecking stuff. poppy is a little pig homewrecker.

better get dressed and moving here..weekends are always long busy days.