Rescue Journal

the birth plan

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2016

so..mama sheep made it safely in, she is all set up in the shop pen. it occurred to me that when she gives birth the lamb(s) are going to need to be fed pretty quickly. we have colostrum here and i picked up some bottles but i have to work tomorrow so running out to the shop every hour during the night was going to hugely suck. we couldn't find the baby monitor and i doubt it would have reached to the shop anyway so i ran down to walmart and picked up one that is supposed to be good for 1000 feet.

lets just say barely. we have it set up in the open cat flap door...the camera does not cover the full pen..i am hoping the staff can set up the second camera tomorrow to get a fuller view. but the audio works well so i should be able to hear mama or babes if and when anything starts happening over there. i will still go over and check periodically but not every hour so that will be good.

shyla's meet and greet went well today, will let you know what transpires.

charley 2 is settling in well...super nice dog! maybe erin will get a photo and post it tomorrow.

jamie sent an update on lacey, she is settling in really well and is much happier now that she is in a great home.

after weeks and weeks of huge tour today at all...that was weird but a bit of a nice break.

mickey was especially demanding of my time and presence today..needy little bugger but whatever, i love him anyway.

ok..i am tired of flitting around..happy to sit and rest my sore ankle before back to work tomorrow.

please mama follow the newly formulated birth plan and give uncomplicated birth between 10 am and 2 pm any day of the week!