Rescue Journal

saints welcomes oreo

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2016

he looks almost like a small bearded collie cross with a haircut. oreo is 14 yrs old with catarcts and is the process of recovering from a traumatic and devastating loss along with his previous owners family. there are no words for the heartbreak and suffering this family have endured.. we hope they can at least draw some small comfort that oreo will continue to be well cared for and dearly loved.
new oreo

victoria and tabitha went off into foster care with oliver's previous foster family..(rest in peace oli..your family is loving others because they so dearly loved you.)

today was a very odd day at saints..several of our dogs havw been unexplainably upset and distressed at different times today...aggie, big buddy, cassie and now jada have been reacting to something that we humans here just can't see. aggie, buddy and cassie are now settled but jada is still acting weird. the staff was wondering if maybe they sensed something like a possible impending earthquake?
while new oreo appears calm, and in fact he just shared my dinner and is sleeping on my feet...i am wondering if they are detecting a deep and silent soul overcome with bewildered grief?

i so wish i could see inside all of their heads and speak to soothe their fears.
but all we can do is be kind and calm and soft and gentle...and be here.

love you guys, and dear little new oreo too.
tomorrow will be better and the next day and next day too.
have faith, hope floats here for all of you.