Rescue Journal

charley 2 is having a tough time.

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2016

he has been intermittently seizuring during the past 48 hours despite starting him on phenobarb plus using valium to stop the actual seizures. he goes into the vet tomorrow for check and blood work. i will take him in with me and then pass him on to anne to drop off as i have to be at work before the clinic opens. hopefully he can be deciphered and settles out soon.

jada is over her anxiety angst. we moved her from the computer room to my room and she is back to normal. she must have been reacting to new oreo as that is the only change in the computer room. her exam and blood work showed a bit of an irritated bowel (which could be from her extreme anxiety) plus some minor changes related to needing a dental, otherwise everything was pretty much normal.

miley is back at boundry bay for her 5th surgery..oh freaking yay. i promised she was done, apparently not. poor miley!

tammy lent me the original star wars movies..i started watching the first one last night. i remember seeing it as a blockbuster new release in theatres when it came out in the 70's...thought it was freaking amazing. last night, it seemed kind of childishly cheesy. i guess 40 years in special effects movie making makes a big difference.

i am tired and hungry...better get something to eat and then get my stuff done so bedtime can come early.

please charley, no more seizures tonight!



Poor Charley....saw one of his seizures yesterday...I hope you can get a handle on controlling the seizure activity asap....and his body gets a rest.