Rescue Journal

rescue is never just one thing...

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2016

it is one hundred things...a thousand things...a million things.
ok, realistically, suffice to is many things.

i am always on about ripples in the pond..toss a pebble, toss a rock, toss a freaking boulder...there will be ripples from any size of stone.

so part of rescue is looking at the possible and probable ripples before you actually throw the stone.

it is kind of important not to swamp the boat.

however...rescue means responsibility. it means meeting the animals needs and meeting the organizations needs.

try doing that without making a few waves.

it has been a bit of a mind boggling week..lots of challenges to be sorted out.

whatever..its part of the job.

little sammy is so freaking cute. tonight he is jumping around and playing, plus i just found out he is quite fond of nacho's!
not surprising because apparently so are the rest of the computer room dogs. a single plate of nacho's does not go far with a human, a great dane, a golden retriever, a chocolab/hound, a tilted head husky cross, a mid sized hairy little muttly dog and a diabetic, half blind, chubby pug.

whatever..this too is part of the job.

there are parts of rescue that i so totally love and others not so much.

but the bottom line is..all of it is important.
even the not so fun stuff.
just be aware of those ripples fanning out in the pond.