Rescue Journal

why i love dogs

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2016

i guess it's not just itself is just a never ending series of figuring out various things.
it's exhausting.

thank goodness i am finished with the evening shifts. i got home around 930, erin had left a mere one hour before and my perfect miss pepper potts had eaten all of the crap on my dresser.
the only thing not destroyed was a bunch of canadian tire money..she must have been counting that because it was undamaged and neatly spread around on my bed. maybe she is planning a shopping trip?

this is my favorite time of the day...surrounded by comfortable sleeping furry bodies, drinking a cup of tea.
in another hour they will all be awake barking, peeing, pooping with luna jumping the fence.

in rescue you learn to pick your battles but hopefully you also learn to pick your moments when you can appreciate that life primarily is good.

i am not too fond of coming home after a long and stressful shift and having to sweep up a ton of unnecessarily broken and chewed up shit but man, do i ever love that sweet and adorable dog who actually wrecked all of it.
i need to keep reminding myself..we are...we become what we think. our brains are powerful machines. if we keep programing them with negative things, not surprisingly, we become negative.
i don't know too many negative beings who are happy.

but i do know a lot of very happy dogs..positive in their belief that we humans are here to provide cuddles and treats.
it may suck to be unwanted, discarded, old and homeless but they don't ponder those unhappy thoughts very much, they are too busy sharing my nacho's or toast.

and this is why i love dogs....they are the smart ones.

but if they stay asleep for just a little while longer....i am more than happy to enjoy their peaceful snores!