Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2016

if i wanted a perfect life, a soft life, a comfortable life..rescue would not have been my first choice.

i did want purpose in life..i think i scored big on that one.

i have had a few crappy days know the ones..they seem to run into each other in a concerted effort to drive you systematically insane.

close doesn't count.

i love rescue..oh wait a i don't.

i love big buddy.
and squirt, and william, and poppy, and deisel, and paris, and bob, and ellie, emily, dixie, mable, doc, mah, pink, carl and all of the others.
i love animals..all animals (even dickheads like oscar the grouch) and i love being of service to them.

so maybe rescue did drive me insane.... in an animal friendly way.

everything else is just stuff. problems to solve, issues to work out.

at the end of the day, i am surrounded by the purest, most honest of souls.
it is a blessing...a vision of heaven.

and i imperfectly try to be pure and honest in return because...
i love them and they deserve the best of me.
this imperfect, difficult, uncomfortable rescue life is just that simple.
i truly love them because to me..they are the perfect ones.

(but not too fond of the huge pile of stinky laundry they made.)